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Residential Real Estate Broker having over 25 years experience in Negotiation,
Procurement and Contract Management and Customer Service and Relationship
Management. This experience provides a strong base to help my customers who want
to buy and/or sell their properties.

My Gold for you

In addition to my experience, I have the back-up of the Century 21 Group. Their
expertise and training, management and technology support is available in 84 countries
and territories worldwide.


Why did I start my journey with Century 21 Canada?
Because I value my customers and Century 21 Canada’s mission is to Define and
Deliver THE GOLD STANDARD in Canadian Real Estate each and every day. This is
the group I want supporting me and helping me to ensure that my customers get the
very best!!


My goal is to help you find the property that best meets your requirements or help you
find the ideal and timely buyer when you are selling your property while working with
you towards a smooth and trouble-free transaction.


Born in Montreal, I have shared my time between Montreal and Chateauguay on the
South Shore. I, like many others, bought my home in Montreal and later moved to the
South Shore to experience a quieter and less busy environment. I now enjoy the
possibilities of working in Montreal or venturing out further on the South Shore if my
customers require.


When time allows, I treasure moments with family and friends and enjoy a round of golf
at one of the many beautiful courses in the area or travelling and experiencing life in
other lands (and playing golf there if I can).


You have questions about my real estate services?

Perfect, it will be my pleasure to answer them and meet you.

I'm here for you! Lisa Wilken

I am here to guide you.
Lisa Wilken.
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